Cow cutlet specialty store “Kyoto Katsuka” Namba

On August 10 near the Osaka · Namba station, a special shop for bovine cuts “Kyoto wins beef (and cucumber) Namba Ebashi store” opened.

shop name [牛カツ専門店 京都勝牛 なんば戎橋店]

3-3-7 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

“Beef loin cutlet meal” (1,382 yen) in the signboard menu was soft even in the roast, using a rare site called “Hanesita” with a deep umami with red meat, thinly baked bread crumbs, fried in medium rare.

It is possible to eat four kinds of soup stock with soy sauce and wasabi, horseradish salt, boiled cow’s sauce, Japanese style curry sauce juice, and eat at “Kyotama” (108 yen) with warm soup added.

In addition, prepare “Domestic black cattle cow Katsuzen sausa” (2,138 yen) using domestic cattle, “Sorsame Beef Los Katsu Kyouto Zen” (1,566 yen) with Daikon Oroshi etc.

“Kyoto Katsuhide” using Kujo Oniga

Beef loin cutlet meal


shop name:kyoto gyukatu [京都 勝牛]

OPEN: 11:00-23:00






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